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Conference direct mail postcard

This bilingual direct-mail postcard promotes a joint meeting of two medical associations, one of which is in Canada. The mailing went to a global audience. Therefore, it was important to not only market the event, but also convince recipients that the destination would be easily accessible and worth the trip.

Conference call for abstracts

This call for abstracts had several objectives: encourage submissions, promote the destination and market the event. The piece included information in both French and English, which necessitated careful attention to detail.

Conference preliminary program

The preliminary program for this combined annual meeting used a unique format: The front half was printed primarily in English; the back half was written almost entirely in French. As the main marketing piece for the event, this program succeeded in helping the associations exceed their attendance goals.

Conference final program

The final program for a combined annual meeting is chock-full; it contains 124 pages of program information submitted by numerous contributors. As the "bible" for conference participants, it was important to make the program easy to read but in a size that was perfect for tucking into a jacket pocket or handbag.

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