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DNC Brochure

This visitors guide was written for the 1996 Democratic National Convention. The guide served various purposes: recognizing donors, sharing facts about Chicago, and providing valuable reference material for the delegates and news media attending the convention.


The American Orthopaedic Association and a co-sponsor were introducing a new award. The rules for the award nomination were extensive, but the printing budget was limited, so the award brochure uses the available space wisely.

Sara Lee

Sara Lee Corp. wanted to wow employment candidates with this recruiting brochure. Watermark Communications reviewed the brochure with a critical eye during the proofreading process and made sure the piece adhered to Sara Lee style.


The American Orthopaedic Association's membership directory needed to meet various objectives. In addition to serving as a directory of members, it includes a staff directory and a list of programs, as well as important deadlines.


The International Center for Orthopaedic Education was trying to reach a broad audience with its brochure. Readers were orthopedists from around the world; some of them were not native English speakers. Headlines and pulled-quotes are succinct to offset some of the multisyllabic terms.

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