Watermark Communications

What does Watermark do?

Watermark Communications specializes in communication and marketing services for large and midsize organizations. Projects include:

What makes Watermark Communications different?
Hundreds of freelancers, consultants and small agencies are vying for your business. With Watermark you are choosing a partner who can apply lessons learned in both corporate and not-for-profit settings and specializes in the health care, consumer goods, retail, publishing and travel industries.

Watermark Communications also offers one-stop shopping. Rather than providing only one type of service and expecting clients to line up other resources for projects, the company has built a network of professionals to serve its clients.

What is your rate?
Watermark Communications generally provides quotes as a project fee. The fee takes into account your deadline and is based on the complexity of the assignment as well as the estimated number of hours. However, Watermark Communications can charge an hourly rate for a project if a client prefers.

Does that include revisions?
Project fees for original content include one round of revisions.

Do you charge for estimates?
Watermark does not normally charge a separate fee for providing project estimates.

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